The Future Beyond Lithium?

How will we Leapfrog Batteries to the Next Stage?

The chemistry in today’s batteries occludes Fast charging and longer cycle life. Longer Charge time is one of the major drawbacks in mass adaption of Electric Vehicles. Shorter Cycle Life requires frequent need to replace batteries.

Gegadyne's Solution

Nano-Materials enabling high energy density
and excellent cyclic performance

Our high capacity anode and cathode materials, with proprietary electrolyte, offer ultra-high performance with faster charging for a large range of devices.

About Our Technology

Quick Charging

A unique technology that inherently allows charging at unprecedented rates.

Long Cycle Life

Higher Cycle Life for long lasting reliable performance of devices.

High Energy Density

Higher Energy Density for lighter, more compact devices.

Who We Are

Quick Charging Batteries that Actually work!

Gegadyne Energy has successfully demonstrated its Patented and Validated battery technology in E-mobility use case and are getting closer to mass commercialization of its proprietary Battery Technology.

More About Gegadyne

Let’s Build the Future Together

Gegadyne Energy is developing a novel battery technology. We have successfully engineered & demonstrated our technology in both automotive and grid storage application.
We aim to build lasting partnerships with OEM’s and channel partners in future technology ecosystem to enable accelerated product development

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